About Paterson Industries

About Us

We have an integrated approach

Paterson Industries is an oilfield services company with an integrated approach to pipeline and facility construction. We specialize in installing, assembling, fabricating, maintaining, repairing and troubleshooting mechanical piping systems. We also provide construction and installation services for well sites, compressor stations, and gas plant facilities. Our facility construction services complement and accompany gathering and midstream pipeline infrastructure needed for the ongoing operation of pipeline assets.

We save you time and money

Our integrated approach allows our customers to realize project delivery and cost efficiencies without compromising quality or safety.

We value safety

We have a proven track record of completing projects quickly, effectively and safely. We have skilled crew members, provide all the tools required to tackle jobs large and small, and have a perfect safety record.  

Paterson Industries Logo
Paterson Industries, Safety First

Our Mission

Paterson Industries’ mission is to provide the highest quality equipment and services to our clients. We regularly update our crew trucks with new equipment and train our team to provide quality service matched with safe work practices. Additionally, we are continuously innovating and improving our health and safety program.

Our Manifesto

Our brand manifesto expresses our company's core beliefs and values.

We live by these words.

Paterson Industries Brand Manifesto

Our Team

Our staff ranges from red seal pipefitters to skilled helpers and laborers. All have standard oilfield tickets and orientations.

Our experienced team will complete all aspects of your project expertly and on time.

Join the Team

Clarence Paterson


Clarence has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 10 years and is a Red Seal Pipefitter. He founded Paterson Industries in 2014 as an independent service provider. As the company has grown, Clarence has stayed true to his commitment to providing quality service matched with safe work practices. He grew up working on his family’s ranch, located just outside of Calgary, Alberta.

Hunter Lloyd

Site Supervisor

Hunter has been with Paterson Industries from day one and now has over five years of experience working as a pipefitter in the Peace Region. Hunter began as a labourer but quickly demonstrated his value to the company through his hard work and adaptability. As lead supervisor, he has the skill set to guide any project from start to finish. Hunter grew up on Vancouver Island and moved north to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry.

Josh Clarke

Crew Foreman

Josh has 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and five years of experience as a pipefitter. He specializes in maintenance and facility construction and is Paterson Industries’ go-to guy on tough jobs that require special care and attention to detail. Josh is the only Newfie of the group.

Community Commitment

We demonstrate our commitment to our local community by sponsoring the Dawson Creek and District Hospital Foundation, the Arras Community softball team, and the Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede.

Paterson Industries, Safety First