We're Committed to Safety

Zero Incidents or Near Misses

Paterson Industries’ commitment to health and safety is demonstrated by our perfect safety record, with zero incidents or near misses. We fulfill our commitment to protect both people and property by providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements.

Safety is in Our Daily Routine

Our company health and safety manual defines safe work practices and procedures, which we emphasize during regular safety meetings. In our morning tailgate meetings, we discuss possible hazards and formulate plans to reduce dangers. Additionally, we conduct regular equipment inspections, decommission faulty equipment and rigging, and ensure a balance of new and experienced workers on job sites.

Paterson Industries, Safety First


We are continuously innovating our health and safety program. We utilize the Aimsio platform, which allows for real time, digital access to all health and safety documentation, including FLHA’s, time tickets and inspection reports.

Paterson Industries, Safety First

Training & Competency

All of Paterson Industries’ employees have standard oilfield tickets and orientations and participate in ongoing safety and related training, including:

  • Health and safety orientations for newly-hired personnel
  • Hazard identification and control processes
  • Job-specific training
  • Health and safety training for supervisors and management
  • Task and trade-specific training and certification
  • Driver or driver improvement training
  • Specialized safety and related training
  • Refresher and update training

Have questions about our safety program?

We're happy to have a conversation about our commitment to safe work practices.